Born and raised in the great muskeg of Northern Alberta, Bebe Buckskin; a Cree/Metis artist, is the embodiment of Northern grit and soul.  Classic Blues Rock is anchor of her music, with infusions that skim upon outlaw country, folk and R&B. This ex-rodeo queen is unafraid to bare her raw intensity on stage, making for a riveting and authentic performance. Velvety robust vocals paired with a soulfully dynamic band, floats the listener away on a journey through soundscapes of nostalgic inspirations. Deep dense decadence for the senses. 

"Bebe Buckskin’s forceful voice blasts the ear over classic rock-inspired blues tunes to devastating effect. Her pipes have a massive bombast complemented by a rough-around-the-edges crackle that keeps her lofty singing bound to the earth. It’s no stretch to call her a timeless talent with a promising future." - Sled Island.

Her upcoming single, "Stockin Wood", is an ode to Woodstock from the Indigenous perspective. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the festival. It makes perfect sense that Ellen McIlwaine, a revered slide guitar player and good friend to the late great Jimi Hendrix, is featured on this high energy, classic rock inspired track. It is set for an August 16th release date - on the exact anniversary of Woodstock 1969. 

"Asiskiy" (meaning, "Earth" in Cree), is the title of her upcoming sophomore EP. It is set to be released September 2019.