Bebe Buckskin is a Cree/Metis artist with deep roots in the muskeg and boreal forest of Northern Alberta, Canada. Naturally bluesy, nostalgically rock n roll and undoubtedly soulful; her sound is a fresh amalgamation of vintage genres. This former rodeo princess has grown to become the unbridled and generational talent that is Bebe Buckskin. Her last release entitled “Asiskiy” (meaning “earth” in Cree) arrived in mid-2020, during a global pandemic, to wide-spread critical acclaim. Showcasing her wide range and enthralling vocal abilities along with her band’s smokin’ chops; this gave way to a defiantly distinctive EP which continues to solidify her as one of Canada’s newest musical treasures.  

Her latest release, “Captain Medicine”, takes a high dive from modern-day music into the depths of her old soul. And in that bottomless pool of emotion; the swirling currents of trauma; loss; and finally, joy and acceptance - comes a raw, intimate, and unapologetic album that speaks to the collective. A vulnerable, soulful album that focuses on healing and acceptance. This alter ego Bebe calls “Captain Medicine” is akin to a playful yet mischievous coyote spirit, taking us on a backcountry musical trek into sadness, grief, and inner strength; showing us how to reclaim our lost and wandering spirits.  

Through the marshes, over the mountains, and into the meadow. Capturing the iconic sound of the new full-length album was largely influenced by the space in which they recorded the project: the legendary FAME Recording Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama; where superstars such as Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Wilson Pickett, Duane Allman, and Otis Redding (among others), all left their mark; creating the bluesy, uninhibited energy that is widely known as the “Muscle Shoals Sound”.

And now, as a proud torch bearer of this historic musical legacy, Bebe Buckskin is ready take the inevitable flight. This special project also proudly highlights the inter-tribal collaboration between Bebe and The Medicine Tail Singers (Choctaw and Creek), which fuses traditional Indigenous music with Bebe Buckskin’s distinctive sound. A project of this calibre and uniqueness has never been done in all the 60 + years of the studio’s existence. This is a triumphant and resounding album, as it gives us a closer look at who Bebe Buckskin is, who she was; and how she used music to cope with depression, anxiety, addictions and sadly - the loss of her loving husband. Captain Medicine is already significant because of not only what it represents for her but for the rest of us.